"Whole Body Cryotherapy is designed to supplement and improve your daily lifestyle, promoting natural healing at the cellular level. It is a game changer for physical health, mental clarity, high performance and recovery. We are so excited to be able to offer this therapy in Port Melbourne  and welcome you to experience all that Cryotherapy has to offer"   

Meg & Anna ~ Ritual owners

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After struggling with lower back pain for over a year I found Ritual Cryotherapy in Port Melbourne
Anna talked me through my first session. She was so kind and had a genuine appreciation for the pain I was experiencing
6 sessions later and I am happy to say no pain at this present time. I can sleep, walk & exercise pain free. If you are willing to push your boundaries physically and mentally Ritual Cryotherapy is the way to go.
— Emma
This place has a great atmosphere and the staff are particularly lovely. I have been extremely unwell but always have an enjoyable experience and come out laughing. I enjoy the cryotherapy and it continues to amaze me the lengths the human body can maintain.
— Melanie
I loved it, it was so weird and intense and I loved the way that Anna talked me through breathing out my tension, that was wonderful. And my cellulite was reduced too so I loved that!
— Sarah
Cryotherapy has changed my life. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and it is the only thing that gives me relief. The staff are so welcoming and the atmosphere is great.
— Luis